Monday, August 1, 2011

A Dirty Job

A very, very dirty job. Unreal, too.
Hey Kids!
Do you y'all watch Mike Rowe and "Dirty Jobs"?
Mike Rowe did not approve this post.
Me too.
Pretty good show, very interesting. Mike meets some of the most interesting people. To Mike's credit, he makes the show what it is. He is also a very intelligent host and presenter. He's also cute in a rugged way, someone who doesn't mind getting dirty. Everybody probably has their favorite show. Mine is the one where Mike is working with a Chimney Sweep and nearly gets burnt to a crisp.

This post isn't about Dirty Jobs or Mike Rowe.
Nope. It's about a show called "True Grime" It's about a company named Crime Scene Cleaners (original, huh?), that is in the crime scene cleanup scene.
True Grime, Crime scene cleaners

This is my new cringe inducing visual slugfest with my battle-hardened sensibilities.
I surrender

It beat me. Truly.
Anyway, they clean it up, you name it, they scrub, soak, shovel, vacuum and pat dry the most horrendous messes. Makes that doggie gift in the other room look like a chocolate marshmallow. (hint: it's not)
Apparently, the turnover at this company is pretty high. The owner called one of his workers a veteran with only 9 months experience. Wow.
These joes work the regular 8 or 10 hours a day cleaning just awful stuff only to be on-call for the other 14 or 16 hours. They get woken (sp?) (oh, well) at all hours, only to be told to go to the roughest neighborhoods and clean awful stuff for hours.
Check one of these episodes out if you're feeling pretty bad about the job you have.
I mean, any job you have to wear a Tyvek suit is going to be pretty sketchy. Me, I'd have to wear two for this gig. Scratch that, I'd quit.
On to the point of this post,
In the first episode, the owner tells the camera that he thinks that his veteran clean-up guy is on Meth and even calls him a "tweaker"!
What a tweaker might look like. Might be Crime Scene Cleaners' next employee

 I'm thinking that this is the end of veteran clean-up guy.
Anyway, I didn't see the end of the show, my stomach could stomach it.
I did DVR the series and managed to catch it yesterday.
And surprisingly, the tweaker dude was still working.
It got me thinking, this is probably the only job that if your employee isn't on drugs, you'll probably offer him some. Seriously.
I don't know how much these poor guys are getting paid, but it's not enough.
Where's Mike Rowe when you need him? Oh, I'd like to see Mike doing one of these cleanups.....M.R. are you listening?
Take Care, and do your self a favor and don't catch this show. You've been warned.

p.s.If you go to the network's website for the show, you'll see Facebook tie-ins when you check out the crew. Real people and real relatives. Unreal.

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